Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween...

Something wicked this way comes this fine Halloween. In the Real Estate biz, hardly anything is more frightening than the spooky realm of Property Management.

When you enter the dark hallway of the RE/MAX Preferred Professionals office in Kingman Arizona, you must be ready to test your wits with the staff in property management. Good luck to the brave souls that dare enter this hallowed day.

First you will directed to this creature below. She (I use the term loosely) will fool with her friendly smile, she will draw you in. You must be most careful because...

....When you get too close....

You will be lucky to make it out alive. By chance if somehow you manage not to fall into the crafty trap that this temptress of evil (also named Christina) lays out for you, you will enter....

... the confines of the Princess of Darkness. Oh I know what you must be thinking, it's the Prince of Darkness not the Princess. Well let me correct your thinking as I am much more gentle in breaking this news than the Queen of All Evil. The story goes that Satan got lazy one day... so the Great Helena abruptly stepped in and cast Lucifer out of the fiery pits (some say he now resides in Sun City, AZ enjoying retirement and playing boccie ball with the other locals).

Oh Helena, Queen of all that is dark and scary... ruler of the property management underworld...

Yo... Helena!!

There, now we have her attention. We mustn't stay long though as at any moment hundreds of tenants will be lining up at the front door with rent checks in hand to pay homage to the great Queen of All That is Evil.

Believe me when I tell you that the pitchfork is real and she knows how to use it, especially on owner payout day. I must sit quietly in the office space just next to hers and not make a sound as I have learned the valued lesson and I dare not want to be taught again.

Trust me, world domination is definitely in progress with these two around. Enter at your own risk and fear for your lives!!

Oh no Justine... now they have you under their spell... run for cover... never look back!!

Look closely, remember American Bandstand for the years 1956 to 1962?? Heck I don't either, but what is important is that we have a real life celebrity among us in our office. Dick Clark has nothing on Justine in the how to age properly department. Justine lives near Kingman and is a great fellow agent at my office.

Frankie Avalon. "Susie Q." The Stroll. Justine Carrelli.
That was Bandstand

Here is a link to more info on how Justine became famous if you can't remember.

Thanks to all the great ladies that allowed me to have some fun on this Halloween holiday.


Thanks to the many folks that came to the site that are friends of Christina and Helena. Helena's daughter Hannah wanted to be included on this post somehow and so she happened to come along looking for free candy handouts last night (along with horde's of others) and so I snapped this photo.

Update 2:

Still others emailed me and wanted to know how I dressed up yesterday. Well I didn't have a costume for the office but I did manage something for the 'trick or treaters' to see in my neighborhood. This costume was a real 'stretch' for me, stretch being the key word. While I continue to play the sport of hockey I normally play the goaltender position which has different equipment needs than what is shown below. For the stuff I was wearing, I haven't worn that gear in almost 7 years now... so it was a stretch to get that jersey over my largess (not to be confused with large ass).

Also, this will be the last time I let my wife do the make up for a 'black eye'. See, I've had a black eye before and her rendering was not even close. Lastly, there were no unruly kids around my house last night, I played the 'enforcer' role... and played it well. There you have it, captain of my hockey team and president of the local Realtor Association.

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