Monday, October 23, 2006

Simple advice for buyers...

I found this article scouring Google News searching for real estate related news. This is common advice and simple advice. I'm offering it because there seems to be many folks in the world that think us Realtors hold guns to would be clients heads and demand signitures to make transactions happen. Of course that is silly so here I am sharing this very good advice with would be buyers.

HOUSE HUNTING TIP: In order to find a good deal, you need to be able to identify a fairly priced property when you see it. This requires intimate knowledge of home values in the area.

A good real estate agent can help you to develop this product knowledge. But, there is no substitute for doing your own due diligence--driving the area, researching the local economy, viewing listings online and visiting open houses. This gives you the confidence you need to make an educated decision about what constitutes a good deal.

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