Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No ID required at the voting booth??

I try not to enter the political fray with the subject matter on this blog, unless it pertains to something the local Association is involved in (like the 'Matrix' thingy), but I have to share this.

The people of Arizona voted to make it a requirement to show a valid ID when you go to vote. I'll say it again... the PEOPLE OF ARIZONA VOTED TO MAKE IT A REQUIREMENT TO SHOW A VALID ID WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE.

Now comes this...

A recent decision creating a stay for the Proposition 200 voter identification requirements has thrown a kink in the system as elections departments around the state gear up for the November election.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco decided Thursday to grant an appellant's emergency motion to temporarily stay the identification requirements. Currently, according to Joseph Kanefield, state election director within the Secretary of State's Office, the order notes that the ID requirement at the polls will not be in effect for the Nov. 7 general election nor will proof of citizenship be required to register to vote.

I am stunned by this. Why the heck does my vote not count all of a sudden?? I don't get this and I don't get the many groups that are the plaintiffs in this case.

According to last week's U.S. Newswire release, the plaintiffs who filed the emergency motion include: the Intertribal Council of Arizona, Inc., The League of Women Voters of Arizona, The Hopi Tribe, The League of United Latin American Citizens, The Arizona Advocacy Network, The People For the American Way Foundation and Rep. Steve M. Gallardo.

Sorry for the political stuff.

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