Friday, March 31, 2006

Some Kingman Statistics...

I participate on an investor site called and every month I do a report on statistics of the Kingman market. I will share this information with you today. My search only includes area's inside the city limits and for single family residence's (SFR's).

I found that there was 513 SFR's on the market currently which is up from the number I posted in December that was 362. The interesting item I found is that of those listings, 206 of them are brand new construction homes. I can't remember a time in our city's past when there was that many new homes under construction and on the market.

The good news is that there will be more choice for the residential buyers and investors, the kind of choice they simply did not have last year.

For the month of March, there was 159 new listings that hit the market and again around 40% of them were new homes.

67 SFR's in Kingman sold in the month of March, while 58 homes went under contract and are pending to close escrow.

The average list price for March was $214,208 and the average sold price was $204, 149.

Sellers in this market are going to have to have some patience this year, and they are going to have to realize that the price will not continue to rise at the rate is was last year. But no worries for sellers, prices won't collapse.

Enjoy those numbers and look for updates in the future.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Local Brokers Attended...

There was a meeting held yesterday for all the brokers in the region to hear about the plans to merge the three separate MLS's into one regional system. Overall it was a success as the brokers passed a motion of consensus to continue the process.

As a member of the steering committee myself, and as a member who has worked many hours on the project, I am very pleased.

I do think that many brokers were already in favor of the new regional MLS before they arrived, but it was their chance to hear from the consultant, Gregg Larson from Clareity Consulting, that the three associations have hired to help in this process.

Gregg spoke about the many different types of competitive internet based search tools there are that threaten the traditional MLS. The point was clear, it's way beyond time to provide brokers and agents -- for the clients -- the best and most accurate information to stay ahead of the future competition for these kinds of services.

I do believe that the results of the new regional MLS will be a shining example for the rest of the Associations in the state and beyond to follow. Mohave County will continue to grow and when this process of setting up the new MLS is finished, the REALTORS of Mohave County will be leading the way.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Welcome to MOCO Real Estate News

Thank you everyone for visiting my web blog.

I am a REALTOR in Kingman Arizona and have been since 2001. When you visit here you will find information about the real estate business along with other pertinent information of what is going on in Mohave County Arizona that could affect you.

Feel free to join me in any discussion I may bring up. I may bring up anything at any time as well. I'm a big sports fan, I was born near Philadelphia and let the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, and Flyers break my heart every season. So you may see me cry and whine about that from time to time.

I became a REALTOR in 2001 and have enjoyed this profession ever since. I have taken on some challenging sales in my short time as a REALTOR. I used to list properties for a Freddie Mac company on foreclosed homes. Through that experience I sold property in far reaches of Mohave County, including Dolan Springs, White Hills, and Golden Valley. I was also the listing agent for the home that many referred to as 'The Dirt Home'. I'll probably write a story about that in future days.

Currently I have been working with many property investors. The secret is out about this area, as many of you already know. Growth is happening throughout this community, maybe at a faster rate than anyone realizes. Many think the market is topping out, but yet I am still working with investors. The investors don't seem to think the market is topping out, many are hoping that it levels off so they can purchase more property.

I perform other functions in this profession other than being a REALTOR. I have become very involved in other aspects of this REALTOR community.

Currently I am the president of the Kingman/Golden Valley Association of REALTORS for 2006. I have served on the local Board of Directors since 2003. In that time the Association has become very strong, when I started there were just over 100 agents in the Association, today we are close to 500. Yes there have been growing pains, but we have managed through them. In fact we need to become more involved in other aspects in the community as an Association. We need to be a voice in local politics and chime in on the growth of the city and surrounding areas. We need to be involved in local planning and zoning meetings. We need to offer new ideas on affordable housing. We must be a leader in this community, we have the numbers now, we just need to get to work.

I am a member of the Arizona Professionals Standards Committee. Being a member of this committee allows me to sit on hearing panels for ethics complaints made against fellow REALTORS by the public or by other REALTORS. REALTORS work our profession under a Code of Ethics that is in place to protect both the clients and the REALTORS from unscrupulous actions.

My personal goal with this 'blog' is to offer news about my professional market that you might not get in other local media sources. Also to share with you my knowledge and experience of the real estate business locally. I hope that you will find interesting articles that could help you in buying or selling, or just even choosing a REALTOR to help you. I'm hoping that fellow REALTORS will also be involved on this 'blog'. I certainly will offer them the chance. It is not a goal to only promote myself and my business, I look at this blog as a means to offer information and to share in discussions. If a reader wants to contact me for real estate services I will of course comply.

Thanks, and happy reading..