Thursday, October 12, 2006

The 'Go Live' date approaches

Normally in the morning I fill up my water bottle with water as my drink of choice in the office. It used to be a daily stop at the convenience store for a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew. Everyone keeps telling me that soda pop is bad for you diet or not (but I really love the taste of Diet Mountain Dew). Well this morning I've settled on a cup of coffee. Not much of a coffee drinker, I will drink it but I won't spend money on designer coffee (think Starbucks).

Coffee sounded good to me this morning because I looked at the calendar and realized that the 'Go Live' date for the conversion to the new MLS is right around the corner. October 25th to be exact. Still many happenings before that date that need attention though.

The new MLS organization that we have put together is being called WARDEX as I have mentioned before. The Interim Board of Directors is still meeting basically on a bi-weekly basis to wrap up some last minute formalities. Three members from each of the three Associations make up the Interim Board. The three represented Associations all have different wants and needs, we are basically used to what we've each been using for MLS provider and now we are all converting to an entirely new system. (MLS is being replaced by Data Exchange going forward in this article).

The first training classes for the new system begin next Monday and run through to Friday. Somewhere near 1,700 Members are expected to attend those training sessions. Of course I know that not all of the Members will take the time to attend. There will also be a 'train the trainer' course offered to a representative from each office on the 23rd and 24th just before the 'Go Live' date. We are doing our best to cover the bases but still I expect some Members to slip through the cracks.

Of course I can't forget to mention that the new vendor will make it's final data pull from the old systems on October 17th. That means any changes to the current system will have to be re-entered manually into the new system on the 'Go Live' date.

I'm drinking coffee this morning, but I think by the time October 25th arrives I'll wish that there is some Bailey's in with the coffee.

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