Monday, October 09, 2006

Gratifying weekend...

I had a rather unproductive weekend, but enjoyed every second. It started on Friday afternoon. A good friend of mine asked me if I'd go to the Rockfest in Lake Havasu on Friday. This meant leaving the office in the early afternoon, so of course I said yes (need to get out more, really I do).

Cheap Trick and the Doobie Brothers were the headliners that day, we caught a couple of other shows as well but I don't know who they were. Very bluesy feel to the bands that I didn't know. Lots of jamming. I simply did live music even if I don't the bands. The show was great, and so was the people watching... it is Lake Havasu after all.

At the show we were checking in on the Yankees-Tigers game in baseball. I sorta wish I could have seen that game. The Tigers pitcher was on a roll and simply handled the 'best lineup' in baseball. My friend Joe, that I went to the concert with, is from Detroit and is a big fan.

So on the way home we are talking about watching Saturday's game. My lovely wife had a team building camping trip scheduled for her employees which meant I was on my own with the TV, the remote control to the TV, and access to some cocktails. Normally I don't even drink a beer or two on weekends until the time on the clock starts getting close to four or five in the evening because clients like to call during those times and I can't afford not to be able to serve my clients if needed. I did hit the office early in the morning and attempted to catch up on any work that I may have missed on Friday. Mission accomplished, so I chanced it at 1:30pm on Saturday and cracked open a brew and flipped the TV between the Tigers game and the Michigan - Michigan State college football game (along with a host of other top college football games).

My cell didn't buzz all day and I sat back on the couch and took in some great action. The Tigers vanquished the Yankees, and the Michigan Wolverines managed to win their game.

My only hiccup on Saturday was watching my favorite ice hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers, lose a close game to the hated New York Rangers in their second game of an 82 game season. So that loss didn't really have too much of an affect. All that was left on Saturday was looking forward to the pro football action on Sunday.

I had to sit through the early games waiting for THE game of the day. THE game was my Philadelphia Eagles playing host to the hated Dallas Cowboys... and the return of one Terrell Owens, or TO as he likes to be called.

TO was an Eagle for the previous 2 seasons (really one and a half). At one time he was the most loved player on any sports team in Philly, easily. He is a star of stars. He still is. Some of you may know of his accidental overdose of painkillers from a couple of weeks ago that made front page news... not on the sports section... but on the front page. The man is a great football player, but he is lacking as a good teammate to say the least. He went from most loved player to most hated player in Philly in a microsecond. Yesterday was his first time back in front of the loyal Eagle fans.

A good friend of mine was lucky enough to get a ticket to the game and he called me from his cell phone just so I could hear the crowd. It was crazy. Along with most other Eagle fans, I've been really looking forward to this game since TO signed with the hated Cowboys. This was like the Superbowl for me. It was more important to win this game than anything. Our quarterback, Donovan McNabb, simply was stunning all day. He made big plays and WAS the star of stars, even with TO on the field.

Great news, if you haven't heard, the Eagles won this game. And this ended my non productive weekend watching sports events on the TV. Simply a great weekend.

Time to get back to work now, and I'm looking forward to it, I'm still smiling. Hopefully soon a real estate related issue will pop up and be the motivation for a relevant article to share with you all.

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