Thursday, April 20, 2006

Local Board Approves New Vendor Contract

Today our Board of Directors with the Kingman/Golden Valley Association of REALTORS approved the new MLS vendor contract. This is the first step taken to insure that our local REALTORS will have MLS service to aid in the sales of property. The current vendor contract expires in November of this year, and would not be extended.

This is great news for the local agents and brokers. The new vendors product is greatly enhanced with user friendly features to help streamline the time and effort for the job of selling property.

This also is the official first step towards a regional MLS with other neighboring Associations. The KGVAR and the Lake Havasu Association and the Bullhead City Association have already approved their choice of new vendor, which is the same vendor the Kingman group chose. Now that one vendor will service each Association, the groups can move closer to combining those resources to allow for more exposure of their clients listings throughout the western Arizona area.

While this action today was significant in terms of moving closer to a regional MLS, there is still a long way to go. I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Tax Revolt In Arizona

The rise in property value has benefitted many in our community over the last few years. However, tax assesements are due to increase as well and some think unfairly. Marc Goldstone, a local Bullhead City businessman, has started a movement to put a cap on the rise of taxes on property. He is leading an effort to put this issue on the ballot for the upcoming state elections later this year.

Check out this site. Get involved and help out if you'd like to see a reasonable approach to property tax in the state of Arizona.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Ranch At White Hills Has Water

According to the Mohave County website, one of the proposed developments has been issued an "Analysis of Adequate Water Supply".

The Ranch at White Hills
, a development owned by the Mardian Group, was given this issue late last week. They have plans for over 20,000 single family homes in the upcoming years.

Next up is the Rhodes development... I hope they get their issue as well, soon.

Friday, April 07, 2006

And so it begins...

I received a notice for REALTORS from a local home builder that is offering a higher than what has been normal commission rate for sales of their homes. Over the last few years the local market saw builders offer a flat rate fee commission, usually far less than the normal market commission. Many builders didn't even hire a REALTOR to list their new homes on the local MLS.

While I never experienced anything like it, I did hear of attempts by builders to practically steal would be buyers from REALTORS so they wouldn't have to pay ANY commission to anyone.

On one hand I don't blame them, and I'm certainly not saying that they did anything illegal, afterall this is a free market and a customer has the right to get the best deal for themselves. However on the other hand, perhaps the smarter play was for the builders to treat ALL parties a touch more fair. They could have simply worked with real estate agents all along that time frame where sales were basically automatic.

Now that the position of power is changing a little, at least in my perception, I hope the REALTORS in this area will just graciously accept the better benefits from the sellers/builders, and prove to them the value of their service... To work hard, not just for the buyer but also the seller... To go the extra mile and make the process better and easier like only a good REALTOR can. That way when the balance of power shifts again (and it will in this market), the builders/sellers will see the true benefits of working along side a REALTOR.