Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October listing numbers report (2006)

Today is the first day of the new month and as usual I am offering this listings report like I have for some months now. One big change has affected my ability to reproduce this report in the detail I have over the last few months... that change has been documented on this blog a few times. Yes I'm talking about our new data base conversion that we just went through last week.

The only major change that I am facing is that I won't be able to give reports with separate information on new construction homes and existing homes. See there is a toggle box that is not mandatory on the new system that asks if the home is new construction or not. I'm hoping to make this a mandatory category that other agents need to enter the correct information. But for now I'll just give the overall numbers and not separate new construction from existing homes until the data clears up.

So on to the report...


Today total listings available for single family residence equals 703 (down from 757 in October).

There were 109 new listings for the month of September (110 in September). 1 home has entered contract and zero homes have closed. The average asking price for these new listings is $236,055 (that's up from $2225,539 last month). The median asking price is $192,000 (up barely from $191,750 in September). Very similar numbers from last month with the exception of the increase in the average asking price.

Units under contract:

48 homes entered into contracts in the month of October (up from 37 in September). The average asking price for homes that received contracts was $205,523 (down from $216,683 last month) and the median asking price for July was $194,900 (similar to last months $195,975 figure).


Well, it is nice to see us eating into the total listings available for the last few months, at this rate we will be in the 600's next month. The fact that more homes entered contract in October is also a good sign. I have noticed more activity on the home sales front in recent times, still it is normally a slow part of the year for us and I'm not expecting huge increases in sales volume later this month when I do my sales reports.

Also without being able to split new construction from existing homes it has made this report rather short than in months past but I'm upset about it because I have been tracking that kind of data all throughout this year and now suddenly I won't be able to. I'm guessing that will change as we tweak the new system moving forward.

As I have told many other agents (and even the newbies at orientation yesterday), feel free to use this data as you see fit as we still do not have an official source from the Association or the new Data Exchange (WARDEX).

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