Friday, October 13, 2006

Some news...

Here is an article about Internet stocks, Yahoo specifically and its recent struggle on the stock price (I really don't follow stocks that closely).

What caught my eye was this...

Meanwhile, despite the housing bubble burst, online real estate ad spending is exploding. Says local-web-advertising firm Borrell Associates

... Internet real estate advertising [jumps] to a $2 billion level this year and [will pass] $3 billion by 2010, surpassing newspapers in terms of advertising market share. [of $11 billion total real estate advertising spending]
... There is huge room for growth. Sixty-one percent of agents do not advertise on the Internet. And 87 percent of agents are not buying keywords on Google or Yahoo.


Beyond paid search ads, the Trulias, Homethinkings, BuyerHunts, Craigslists are providing new channels to reach home buying consumers. Agent websites, blogging, market research and other online tools add to the total spend. These channels, because of their efficiency gains, actually grow the real estate marketing pie, rather than simply transfer from offline to online spend.

In spite of declining real estate activity (maybe because of it), online real estate spending will continue to go through the roof.

Yes interesting.

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