Monday, October 23, 2006

How might WARDEX benefit you... (think clients)

This post is not just for Realtors that may be Members of the new regional MLS (we call it a data exchange now or DEX), but for anyone that is thinking of buying or selling in Mohave County (and even beyond, perhaps).

Let me first tackle the reasons why WARDEX could be a benefit to buyers and sellers. I'll let the real estate practitioners read up on why WARDEX would be a benefit to them a bit later.

Specifically if you are selling a property in Mohave County and chose to hire representation of your listing with a Member of WARDEX, your listing will be viewed by 1,700 Members of three strong Realtor Associations. This opens up your listing information to many more Realtors that are working with potential buyers. Now, most of the Members of WARDEX will likely be continuing to specialize in their more local markets. I, for instance, will likely not be actively marketing listings in Bullhead City or Lake Havasu City or those areas. But I will still have access to those markets for valuable information.

Because of the way I plan on using the larger data base, it is more likely that when a buying client that is simply thinking of moving to the area I'll be ready to let him/her know the market conditions of the area's that I normally don't have ANY market knowledge of. If this example client ends up wanting to view properties in other locations other than where I normally serve, the client will be able to save time and effort of having to ask for the same services in these other markets. Why?? Because I will be able to contact a reputable agent in the other marketing area's and review the clients needs and criteria and pass the client on. More on this a touch later.

Another advantage for sellers will be more agents and brokers websites will carry the more limited listing information known as IDX data. This is a data set of listing information that can be found on web sites that real estate agents and brokers have and use for marketing. This means more opportunities for would be buyers to basically stumble across the listing information. More and more would be buyers are starting their search for a property online, so this is only great news.

These are just a few advantages that a buyer or seller could benefit from the new regional data exchange service. Later I will post the benefits the Members should receive from WARDEX.

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