Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Offer advice to the newbies...

This morning once again I will be presenting the introductory component of the new Member orientation for my Association. One of the changes I've made in the presentation recently is including some information about my blog and how easy it is to create one if one so desired. This is more than just a news letter and in fact has become my preferred way to help market my business.

At the last orientation, I gave my last group the URL to this site and did get some feedback through the email from some of them. This time I'm giving everyone else a chance to say hi to the newbies. Perhaps you will share a bit of wit or wisdom with today's group. I normally don't like to ask for comments, but if you have a couple of seconds please welcome these new Members of KGVAR with what you have to say. I'd most appreciate it.

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