Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thanks to the Bloodhound Gang!!

Just got back from the AAR leadership conference meetings in Phoenix. I'll have more on the conference in a bit, I will say that conference was great though.

The highlight of my journey though was the visit I made to Greg Swann and Cathleen Collins of and Bloodhoundblog. I'll never be able to thank them enough for allowing me into their home and for being the great hosts they were. I was there for a very short 2 hours, but it was the best 2 hours of my trip.

Subjects changed and ranged all over the real estate related world. Cold Corona's emptied at an easy pace. Family pets each introduced themselves and made me feel most welcome. My hosts have a beautiful home on a great property.

There I was stuttering and stammering away in the presence of truly great folks. No worries though, the Corona's had the desired affect of calming me down after the ride down the very busy Interstate 17.

I get the feeling that the only folks luckier than me that day were the clients of Greg and Cathleen. It is very easy to see why they have the success they have in this business. I was in town for a 'leadership' conference and we talked about being a leader for a bit. Greg has no interest in the kind of leadership that I happen to find myself involved in, but what Greg and Cathleen do not know is that they are leaders already. Maybe a different kind than those who wear a name badge at conferences, but leaders nonetheless. They are every bit as important to this industry as any that hold positions such as president and president-elect for an Association.

Like I said, the discussion subjects were all over the place and my ONLY regret is that I didn't take notes or record the conversation. I sit here at my desk and want to do a play by play but I can't. I'll simply say that it was the best day of my blogging life to visit with the fine folks at

Greg and Cathleen, thanks again, thanks for everything. You are certainly welcome in MOCO Real world any day of the week. You are truly a benefit to this agent, this profession, and to this world.

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