Tuesday, October 03, 2006

'Matrix' wrapped up...

I broke the news yesterday but wanted to follow up some. First, I'm tired and glad this part of the fight is over with the county on this issue. Really tired. Even though yesterday's meeting was over for me by the noon hour I really didn't have much energy for other things. I did show a home to a prospective buyer in the afternoon, but after that all I could really look forward to was the Eagles game on Monday Night Football (Eagles won to boot).

I'm certainly not alone in the fight to end the proposed land split 'Matrix'. There were many others that spent countless hours doing their part. Some followed the issue at the county by attending many P&Z meetings. These meetings can last all day and can ruin a business day while waiting for something of interest on the agenda. Others spent many weekends inviting members of the public to informative meetings on the subject of the 'Matrix' and its negative aspects it would have on private property rights in the county.

You should know that the efforts spent by these people were not merely because they had their own vested interest in property. Some may have but I felt that all involved were serving the public ahead of their own needs.

I do not own land in the county that the 'Matrix' may have affected. All of the property that I personally have is either in the city (vacant lots) or are already improved properties (such as rentals). I was not protecting any future land split or rezone opportunity with current property holdings. This efforts was simply serving the public and the Association.

I'll tell you where I did get some benefit though. I was involved in affecting change at the government level. At the start of the fun I believed I was way in over my head on this issue. I really had no clue even how rezones and land splits happened, I really didn't care. Now though, I've been part of the process. Obviously we got a preferred outcome for our efforts and that sure helps looking back on all of this.

Our Association proved it was relevant in our community, and this is what I'm most proud of as far as my involvement. Along with others, I have been saying that we (as an Association) need to be more involved with community issues. That we are letting far too many things that affect the public and our own business slide by. It was time to take a stand, win or lose. Well we won, now it's time to build on this.

There is still more that needs to be done on this issue, believe it or not. With help from the Arizona Association of REALTORS we proposed a resolution for adoption on the rezone and land split issues that continue to face the county. This still has not been studied by Mohave County to the point where it may appear on the agenda for the Supervisors to consider.

What won the day for our side yesterday was public input. The Supervisors heard the public, the voting public, and made their decision. I was hearing through the grapevine late last week that the Supervisors were going to accept the 'Matrix' and honestly I was rather bummed about that news. At the Supervisors meeting yesterday though, time after time, person after person, each that spoke to the Supervisors, spoke out against the 'Matrix'. Yes, a good portion of the public speakers were from the Realtor community but we weren't alone. The public made the difference.

The public needs to continue to be the difference maker and help support the resolution referred to as Chapter 7. Please continue to tell the Supervisors that this ordinance would be a value to the County. Please continue to stand up and demand protection of your property rights. The Kingman/Golden Valley Association of Realtors will be there to do our part, but the public has the power to affect change.

I'm proud of the work that went into defeating the 'Matrix'. Proud of the many people who wrote in their opinion and spoke publicly at the many meetings. Thank you all for your help.

I'm also proud of our Association and hope we continue to get our nose bloodied occasionally for all the right reasons. We owe it to our clients and to the public in general.

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