Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Ricky Boy!!

It's my nephew's birthday today. Right now he (along with my sis) is living in Hawaii. I called yesterday after I heard about the earthquake but never got through. I believe that they are all right but the news said that the power was off on the island they live on.

I must remember to call a later and wish good birthday wishes to my favorite nephew. For now though I'm happy to let him know right here on the blog.

Ricky, you know that I can't wait till you and your family move to Las Vegas next year. It's been tough seeing you only a few times since you've been born. You are growing up to be a very nice young man. Your mother and father are proud, and so is your Uncle Todd and Aunt Gail. I can't wait to spoil you once you are on the mainland.

Love, Uncle Todd.

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