Sunday, April 11, 2010

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With great awe I read about city debates and meetings. We read about the bickering, whining, moaning and groaning of elected officials and agencies. These all seem to want growth, but no one wants to be held responsible for the lack thereof.

Is Kingman not a marketable city whereby no elected official or agency wants to take initiative in selling our city to outside businesses? Instead, every week we are reading about another business closure. These businesses are hard to replace and the jobs even harder.

Is our only city revenue-generating business the bed tax? Wal-Mart? But don't touch this money because it is allocated funding for capital improvement projects! Improve what? Where? We have heard from the mayor, City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Airport Authority. None of these agencies of people claim responsibility and do not want the growth initiative in their court. Every month that passes and our city remains unmarketed is a loss of revenue.

The gamut has run full circle and isn't it ironic that the only commission (EDMC) that wants to be where the buck stops has not enough funding to move forward to sell our city.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Not really the owner?? No biggie...

I'll say one thing for the housing market meltdown, it has made for some crazy creativity...

DELTONA -- A Volusia County man was arrested for allegedly filing phony court papers claiming ownership of several foreclosed homes.

Volusia County investigators say Andrew Brown, 29, took down the "for sale" signs at a home on Shadow Ridge Drive, changed the locks, and moved in.

Authorities did not uncover Brown's scam until a real state agent who had been contracted to sell another foreclosed home in Deltona reported that someone was living in the home.

Investigators discovered Brown filed phony liens and default notices on at least four homes.

He was charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief.

Doesn't have to mean that it is always positive creativity.