Monday, November 27, 2006

Them's fightin' words...

While on my little hiatus over the holiday weekend I was 'entertained' by some goings on in the world of weblogs, specifically between real estate related weblogs and housing bubble weblogs.

I think it was about time that this donnybrook happened for all to see.

I've been reading this blog for longer than I ever started reading real estate blogs. I've been a most 'entertained realtor' for the better part of the time perusing through the site. Everyday, practically, there is a new article about the demise of real estate in this entire country. The real 'entertainment' really comes from the so called commenter's. Most of which never reveal their identity and offer nearly just as much in their comments (as in nothing real). Panic is a great word for most of those commenter's as they surely are in a panic. However there are some great commenter's to be found on that site, some real diamonds in the deep dark rough but you must be real patient to find them.

I've posted as a commenter there on many occasions. At first I didn't want to reveal myself but logged in with the handle of 'entertained realtor' for a few months. I was mostly concerned with army of low class 'commenter's' fouling up my email in box. But after I started my blog I figured the worst that could happen is that these miscreants could find my blog and see that the image of Realtors depicted by Housing Panic's founder (some dude that won't even reveal who he really is that goes by 'Keith') was incorrect.

Props to 'Keith' for having the most visited real estate related blog (as recorded by blogtopsites). His blog is right up there with other 'doom and gloomers' as bad news is always more popular than good news it appears. Plus 'Keith' like to talk plenty of politics on his site which is always a great point of contention that attracts readers and commenter's (something I avoid on my own site and something I prefer to do only in a few other sites on the Internet).

When it comes right down to it... reading 'Keiths' site should have had me running out the door to find a job... any job... and leave the real estate biz forever. Yet nothing of the doom and gloom has yet to appear. Most of his stuff is much ado about nothing.

I know someday that I might get caught up in one of these 'blog wars' but at this time, thankfully, I haven't. However the folks that did give it a go certainly made for excellent reading and of course 'entertainment'.

First up was Greg Swann from in Phoenix. Now Phoenix is ground zero for most of the 'panic' type of blogs. You can feel the hatred of Phoenix when you stumble across sites like these. Greg playfully took a swipe at 'Keith' in a post from the 21st of November here.

Finally, it might be nice if everyone would chip in to buy Keith at Housing Panic some lubricant. The poor sod has been Masturbating to Armageddon for months now, to no discernible result. It’s gotta chafe…

To quote it correctly. Of course 'Keith' took umbrage of this remark. Now you'd have to spend about all of 1 minute to find much worse said about others (realtors, races, religions, politicians, home owners, etc.) on his site. Between Keith and his so called warriors there is plenty of vile vernacular for anyone that dares cross paths with them. Anytime I chime in over there my comments are met with the promise that I'll be homeless soon or that I should save money for ramen noodles for food because that is all I'll be able to afford. Heck, I've even seen comments that call for the public lynching of ALL Realtors (to be fair to 'Keith', he takes those comments off the site... when he sees them).

So Greg fires off this post on his site after getting some unruly comments. If you read that post you will find plenty of comments (74 so far... when a typical post may get 10 or less).

Then 'Keith' fires this one back. We are talking real class act (actually if Letter-Man from the old Electric Company show from PBS removed the 'c' and the 'l' from class we'd get the real picture here).

So now it is Gregs turn again. Heck, even guest blogger Russell Shaw at Bloodhound chimed in with this beauty. If the commenters would really take the time to read what the fine folks at Bloodhound are writing about they'd see that they somewhat of an ally, but alas the information does not fit the madness the 'panic' types are trying to push. Too bad really.

Awhile back a fellow Realtor blogger John Wake, a true gentleman and a scholar, posted this article. It is worth reading, maybe even a few times so that you will get the details. Certainly the 'panic' blogger and his minions don't get the details and after much time had passed.... HP posted this in response. No need to call Mr. Wake a dolt. It was uncalled for but it is standard operating procedure anytime guys of this ilk are challenged with facts. It seems to be all right with John though as this was his response. Not a bad word said against the one who called him a 'dolt'.

Another fellow Realtor and blogger... again from Phoenix also got wrapped up in this little squabble.... here.

The only reason I'm bringing you this information is to help you with ALL of the information that is out there. Notice how the folks that want you to 'panic' are acting for the most part. Most are not informed and it is easy to see. In fact I think many of them are mere sock-puppets that are just willing to parrot what they hear without actually knowing the facts.

I've said it before many times. I do NOT predict the future. I do my best to find any and all facts that could help my clients in their decision to buy or sell a property. The decision is never mine, only the clients.

Tell me how, as a Realtor, I am leading the cheer that everything is fine and dandy... can you??

Look over my sales reports and quickly you will see that if you are a seller, you have plenty of competition on the current market. That it is simply not 2005 any longer which means there is no guarantee that a buyer will be found to purchase your property at break neck speed.

If you are thinking about buying you won't find that the information I share with you says that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY OR YOU RISK BEING PRICED OUT OF THE MARKET FOREVER, like the panic bloggers claim. Just last week I wrote an article that stated that indeed it may be a better time to rent rather than buy right now and for clarification.... no, I do not get paid ANY commission unless I represent a client in a transfer of ownership of a property. Renting is not transfer of ownership in Arizona (as I doubt it is anywhere).

The real enemy of the 'panic' bloggers is me and others like me. Some of them I've linked to on this article, but there are many more than I'll ever be able to link to. I simply don't want to see the 'panic' blogger warped sense of perception become reality in any sense whatsoever. The above dustup was long overdue and my hats off to Greg, John, Russell, and Jay for staying above the fray on a higher ground while making their points.

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