Wednesday, November 08, 2006

With the elections over...

I love politics, but not so much on sharing my views on them. I'll spare you of my feelings of yesterdays action.

I'm most interested always in ballot propositions and the like, especially ones that involve real estate and found this article.

Under the Community Preservation Act, the money would have been used for open space, affordable housing and historic preservation, with those three areas each getting at least 10 percent of funds. The money also could have been used for recreation projects. All expenditures would have needed town-meeting approval.

[Emphasis mine]

Now now, see, I don't get this affordable housing thingy. Sounds great and I'm sure it feels good, but how affordable a home is, is based on mutual agreement between a buyer and a seller in my opinion. And even if some tax funds were to go to providing affordable housing, how is anyone going to guarantee that the housing will always be affordable?? I just don't buy the notion that the government can supply such things. Feel free to disagree.

Good on the voters to turn that tax down.

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