Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My NARdi Gras buddies...

I had full schedule by day while attending NARdi Gras... I'll be covering that as the day moves along. Give me a moment to introduce you to the crew I was lucky enough to hang out with most of the time. Here we are having another wonderful meal together.

Above from left to right is the Lake Havasu Association Executive Officer Ken Standahl, some big ugly guy next to him, Lori Dee Doerfler (President Elect of LHC for 2007 and fellow WARDEX Interim Director), Chery Westwood (current LHC President for 2006 and fellow WARDEX Interim Director, and Paula Singleton (2007 President of LHC and fellow WARDEX Interim Director... alas no link to website though that I could find).

Here we were at a little hole in the wall kind of place called Pentunia's located just off Bourbon Street on St. Louis (I think). The meal was outstanding (I think it would be difficult to find a 'bad' meal in New Orleans).

The company was great as always. I've been lucky all year in all the travels to hang with this group. They have a great bond as leaders for their Association and have really helped me (directly and indirectly) with leading my own Association. If I'm half the leader these folks are then I'm doing a great job.

I managed to have a couple of dinner's with this group in New Orleans and I have a little side story that I'll share later re guarding our sojourn along Bourbon Street last Friday night. For now though, check out dessert...

These were some kind of crepe concoctions. The one on the left was stuffed with french vanilla ice cream. The photo doesn't show it, but it was set on fire at one point to darken the banana's and the glaze (I'm guessing). Now I don't eat dessert all that often. I do have a weakness for cheesecake once in awhile but I'd rather have another portion of the meal in most cases rather than dessert. On this night though.... Oh wow.... that stuff was exceptional. I think the dish on the left was called a banana foster thingy?? The dish on the right was good also but it didn't have that glaze the other did. Big difference maker for sure.

I'd go back today and just have the dessert... well... they also made some pretty strong cocktails as well so I'd have a couple of those while I was waiting.

Thanks again LHC leaders for your company. We had a great time!!

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