Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time in...

Okay, back from Sedona. Incredible place to relax and enjoy some time away from the office. If you like scenery I advise checking into a stay in this quaint little area of Sedona.

Above is me at an Arizona vineyard. I had to visit this place because it is part owned by the lead singer of one of my favorite music bands known as Tool. The lead singer (Maynard James Keenan) spends his off time in Arizona and has this little hobby of growing grapes and making wine so I wanted to check the place out and sample the goods. However his wine was not on the tasting menu and he wanted $88.88 a bottle (no he wasn't there but that was the price tag). Now I don't drink enough wine to spend that kind of money but there is a new wine of his coming out in a few weeks for $25 a bottle. I'll buy it online. Very nice place though and I could see why he likes it there.

No, the picture above is not my new listing, but I have taken challenging listings before and this would rival it for sure. Looking at this place though and the line from the movie 'Shrek' that goes... "Sure it's big enough, but look at the location!" This is Montezuma's Castle, it is ill named though because Montezuma never visited or lived here.

For the photo above you must know that there should be signs like this posted most everywhere in Arizona. My eye's are constantly peeled for these little critters but I have yet to see one (with a rattle on it's tail) while living in Arizona. Still, if you drop one of these beasts behind me at the starting line of a 100 meter dash in the Olympics I'd win the gold medal no questions asked. It's all about the motivation.

The picture above is from the little old mining town (now pretty much a hippie town) named Jerome. Interesting folks there and I just loved this signage. I'm thinking if this was Nevada and not Arizona that a Belgian Jennie's Realty operation might work. I could just see this sign posted in the front yards with the tag line of 'Bordello Realty and Land Sales'.

I snapped this photo on the hike I took with my wife. It was the Long Canyon Trail... it was as the name implied... long. To catch this trail you had to take the Dead Man's Pass trail, on the way back I felt like the name might actually have some meaning.

Interesting colors were found in abundance along the hike. Fall is beautiful when the leaves turn color anywhere, not just Vermont.

And of course this is me enjoying the time away from the office doing what I do best. Honestly, I had just the right amount of this on my trip.

Well, I'm back in town for just a couple of days as I am now preparing for my trip to NAR's NardiGras in New Orleans for the Realtors Conference and Expo. I hope to get some blogging in before I leave.

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