Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blogging from NARdi Gras...

Well as you could tell late last week, I wasn't able to blog from New Orleans. I simply had too much to do and I do not tote around a laptop computer (as I do not own one).

Sellsius has a great link to many other Realtors that were blogging from NARdi Gras though and I hope you check this post out to see what others were up to.

Earlier in the year I attended the Mid-Year NAR Leadership Conference in DC and I remember walking by a sign that said 'Bloggers Lounge'. Now at the time I wasn't really doing a whole heck of a lot with my own blog... I was still in my infancy stage with this thing and I never bothered with checking out the 'Bloggers Lounge'. But low and behold, in New Orleans I happen to come across the same sign and I made sure to check it out.

The 'Lounge' was set up at the Hilton where many of the governance meetings were held, about a 10 minute walk from the Convention Center. I think that was a weird choice to have the 'Lounge' and I bet they would have had more traffic if they were able to set up at the Convention Center.

No matter though, there I met Ian and Chris from the Center for REALTOR Technology. So I tell them about my blog and enter my URL on their computer to show them I really did have such a site. They even included my visit on this article. It was at this 'Lounge' that I was able to run into Dustin Luther from Rain City Guide and as I explained in an earlier post.

I'm hoping in future NAR conventions that NAR will cater to bloggers more than they do now. This is not a criticism of the current 'Lounge' in any way. I'm just saying this because I wanted to meet other fellow bloggers more than pretty much anything else while I was there. I thought I'd be able to do that at my few visits at the Bloggers Lounge. NAR simply did not do enough for bloggers who, in my opinion, are doing many great things for our industry.

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