Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do you want the listing data??

This question is posed for the Googles, Trulias,'s, HotPads, Yahoo's, and the many others out there.

Do you want access to our new WARDEX Data Exchange listing data??

What are your terms??

Are you willing to negotiate WARDEX's terms??

Our Board of Directors is currently deciding on how we may or may not share our listing data with outfits such as the ones I mentioned above. I find myself firmly on the side of my clients that would love to have the extra exposure on the Internet where the listing clients have been told over and over that buyers are looking for homes to purchase. A few of the other Board Members aren't as willing to share, so I'm calling out the search sites to see what ya'll got for us fine folks at WARDEX.

Okay, I'm all ears... This offer may not last long... but the offer is there.

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