Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My adventure on Bourbon Street

I'm not all that thrilled with the photo's I snapped on Bourbon Street, but I'm still willing to share a few. The one below isn't even Bourbon Street but what stuck out to me were the buildings. A very unique style with lots of charm.

We all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and I think there are many millions of visitors over the years that pray the same rule applies in the French Quarter. Below this sign was amusing so I snapped this one. After I did so I noticed beside the entrance to this little establishment some examples of photographic evidence on what may go on in there. Let's just say that there is no worries for breaking any truth in advertising laws. And no, before you ask I did not honor the place with my presence. It may have held more interest to me when I was younger and not married.

Bought a bunch of this stuff below and am eagerly awaiting for my wife's return from her trip out of state. (Not really Gail in case you are reading) (I promise) (I'd never share these kinds of details with my readers) (honest)

I had trouble with the nighttime shots on Bourbon Street and I didn't try all that hard to figure out the correct settings and all. Way too much people watching going on for me.

I think the equine partner thought he was off duty and wanted a cocktail. I almost needed the services of the NO police department a bit later and was glad to know they had the beat.

Why did I almost need the police?? Well towards the end of our walk up and down Bourbon I almost had a situation. Before I go into that... you should know that I did get what I would think is a typical taste of activity on Bourbon. Yes, that means I saw people flashing skin for beads. These weren't really what I'd consider Kodak moments and I didn't bother snapping any photo's of this. If you want to see this activity, just head on down to NO on a busy night in the French Quarter and see for yourself.

I know that I would have loved that scene if I was still single and in my 20's... or maybe just single. Beyond that I also grew short with the many drunken displays put on by what I'm sure were tourists. I saw some things that I won't share because they were in bad taste. But what a country we live in when we have the freedom to be idiots.

Okay, as we decided to end our journey on Bourbon St. I ducked into one of the many, many places that are set up with fancy 'slurrpee' machines with frozen cocktails. I just had to have a hurricane since NO seemed to be famous for them. The drink I bought also came with a shot of some other concoction... I chose that shot to be a kamikaze (I make these at home for my guests).

On the way into buy these drinks, I locked eyes with a wiry gentleman that appeared to have a few drinks too many. He immediately got up from his table and followed me to where I ordered my drinks. He was saying something to me that for the life of me I couldn't understand. He seemed upset about my presence. What it the dress shirt, pants, and shoes?? I realize that I was overdressed for that crowd but I didn't have time to change before my little group headed out for dinner.

The guy serving my drinks shot be a look that said 'ignore' the guy that is getting in my face so I tried my best. There was really loud music pumping through this place so it was hard to hear in the first place, but this smaller man with long hair that looked like he smoked too many cigarettes in his life kept on with his act. I asked him if I knew him to which he answered with more unintelligible dialogue. Just then my NARdi Gras buddies entered the place and sort of stepped in to save me. He got one look at my crew and backed off.

I never really was all that worried about a physical confrontation... I was more thinking about my clothes... my nice clothes... and didn't want to see anything happen. Now, while this creature backed off and headed back to his table he still was giving me a look like I stole his girlfriend as I left after getting my drinks.

The ladies in my crew were asking me what was that all about and to this very moment I have no idea. But we all agreed that it looked more likely that more freaks were about to come out with all the drinking going on and agreed to call it an evening and headed back to our hotels. I doubt the mounted police would have needed to be called in, but I was glad to get that photo for this little story.

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