Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WARDEX update...

I'll be meeting with the head honcho tomorrow of the our MLS vendor. Actually our entire Board of Directors at WARDEX will be. We need to talk about the many issues we are having with the data migration, lack of features, and system bugs that we are having.

Many Members are not pleased right now with the new Data Exchange that we worked so hard putting together. Tomorrow gives us a chance to sit down and clear the air on these lingering issues with the vendor (I'm not going to throw this vendor under the bus at this time and reveal who it is, but by doing a little searching on this site you can find out who it is). It has been just over a month since we went live, yet it feels like it was just yesterday.

If your local Association is thinking about merging your MLS system with another Association, I urge you to have your leaders contact others that have done so. Heck... I may even figure out a way to charge for consulting services as I know that merging is a hot subject right now across the nation for Associations and MLS's.

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