Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Did Nader win the election for president last month??

I only ask that because last month I posted this...

I'll go out on a limb and say the last dude on the list has as good of a chance to be appointed (to Kingman Planning and Zoning Commission) as Ralph Nader did to win the election for president of the United States a week ago.

Well this morning I received a phone call from P&Z Commission Member Allen Mossberg informing me that I was appointed to the Kingman Planning and Zoning Commission by the City Council. After checking my email this morning I find that MOCO commenter Loyd had left me a message of congratulations for the appointment. I didn't think that I would be considered after the last P&Z meeting when they made their recommendations and left me off that list.

Hey, I'm honored and humbled.


I just watched the video of the meeting last night (linked here, it appears early in the meeting and they wrap up the appointments for P&Z within the first 10 minutes). I appreciate the kind words offered by Mayor Salem and the motion made by Council Member Deering.

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