Wednesday, November 12, 2008

City Leaders share views on city finances...

A few elected city leaders were guests at the Mohave Republican Forum event last night and has an article covering... linked here. Please click on that and read the whole thing.

One quote from that article I wanted to share here...

One part of addressing income is that the three cities also agreed to a marketing program aimed at keeping more tax dollars in the region.

“We’ll roll out a campaign to shop locally. During this holiday season we’re asking people to shop locally,” (Council Member) Young said. “If you don’t find what you want here then shop Havasu, but keep it local because those tax dollars are so important.”


Also from the KDM today a preview to a short agenda for the P&Z meeting tonight, including this...

Nine other citizens also have applied to serve on the commission in the event the commissioners decide not to recommend reappointment of an incumbent. The applicants include former commissioners Mike Blair, Vance Miller and Scott McCoy, as well as newcomers Bill Delmar, Debra Sixta, Daniel Del Monaco, Ronald Tanner, Scot Kern and Todd Tarson.

I'll go out on a limb and say the last dude on the list has as good of a chance to be appointed as Ralph Nader did to win the election for president of the United States a week ago. (Hey... if you can't laugh at yourself...)

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