Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More econ development efforts...

While we sit and wait... other communities work on solutions.

Link here...

“The goal is to get projects accelerated,” Bartz said. “We’ve identified $350 million in projects ready to go.”

He said the country’s infrastructure is crumbling and that these public works projects are important.

“It will save jobs and get people back to work,” Bartz said.

Engel said the government needs to continue to create an environment to attract new businesses to the county.

“We have to concentrate on bringing in new dollars,” she said. “The county has become business-friendly and over the last year the attitude has changed.”

Oh but I know... hide in the shell until this all blows over.

Bustle said some real estate people are telling businesses not to look at Manatee County because of a perceived anti-business climate.

“We need to overcome that reputation,” he said. “We also need to look at impact fees and everything that affects creating a successful business.”

Engel said there needs to be more diversity in the types of businesses the county is trying to attract.

Sounds a little familiar.

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