Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Tornillo Access Road Creates Shortcuts, More Economic Development

Jenn Dombrowski-KFOX Las Cruces Bureau Reporter

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 – updated: 6:12 pm MST December 16, 2008

TORNILLO, N.M. -- The small East El Paso County community of Tornillo prepares for a big boost to its economy.

Tuesday, they broke ground on a new international bridge and access road, linking the town to Mexico.

The groundbreaking gives truckers a shortcut away from the busy highways of Juarez and El Paso straight on through to the east, and it brings the possibility of a major economic boost to Tornillo.

By spring of next year, the access road should be complete, and that’s when the community could see other businesses move in.


“It's an economic engine. The County of El Paso will own the bridge so it will be another source of income for the county. The potential economic development of this entire region is going to be full of warehouses and factories out here.

Residents said their farming community is ready for a change.

“There's no work here. All the people are leaving to other places so they're leaving their homes and families behind,” said Tornillo resident, Luis Sarinana.

They said a bridge and new jobs will open new opportunities.

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