Monday, December 29, 2008

Making deals...

Yeah, yeah... we are in the worst economy of all time... since the last time.

One share for today. IndyMac is about to be bought up. That is correct, somebody is going to buy that bum of a bank.

Paulson & Company, led by John Paulson, has been one of the biggest winners in the subprime mortgage crisis, having reaped billions of dollars by betting against risky home loans. Paulson recently indicated to investors in his hedge funds that he was prepared to start buying up low-price debt like prime mortgages and investing in financial institutions.

Buying low, and probably selling high some day. The same as it ever was.

Soon, sometime, I bet we start seeing investors buying up low-priced property in the Kingman/Mohave County area. It is only one of our advantages in our region. Lots of money is sitting on the sideline... and we obviously have more to go to attract that money here. Supporting more infrastructure projects would likely make it happen sooner.

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