Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alt energy and econ development

From here. Starting with this quote...

"2008 has been a busy year," Clearfield County Economic Development Corporation's Executive Director Rob Swales said at Wednesday's annual luncheon. "We are spearheaded to be the anchor of alternative energy in the area, and we're looking for a bright future here."

Then this from that states (Pennsylvania) Lt. Gov.

Lt. Gov. Joe Scarnati also spoke.
"We have to get through what is probably the worst financial crisis, that not only this nation, but this Commonwealth, has faced in decades, and it's going to be done with cost cutting and with efficiencies," Scarnati said. "No business, no county, no community, no state can plan one year at a time. We truly need a vision, and we need a vision that gets us to a point in this Commonwealth where we can have consistency, stability and continuity in all of our policies, our plans and our taxing. That is what I believe is the most important issue facing Pennsylvania today - to have a vision of the future and articulating that vision so that Pennsylvania job creators know where the Commonwealth is headed."

Nicely put L'Gov. Mind giving that speech here locally??

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