Thursday, December 18, 2008

More econ development efforts...

Another link with some gold to quote.

First this...

"Introducing Another Energy Boost for Faulkner County ... Conway's Latest Economic Development Project" reads the custom-printed label on a can of energy drink mailed Wednesday to news media and other stakeholders in whatever new project is coming to Conway.

Lacy was tight-lipped as to the nature of the project, saying only that the development will, in some ways, equal the Hewlett-Packard facility being built in The Meadows Office and Technology Park, though it won't equal H-P in terms of employment numbers.

Alright, benign enough. Now this...

The latest announcement also bears a warning: "Does contain a significant number of new jobs, high salaries and otherwise general healthy economic conditions. Not recommended for citizens against exciting news, opponents of a vibrant local economy or people allergic to smart choices."

LOL!! Would so much love to see something like that printed around these parts.

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