Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is for the people of the sun...

Of course the snow we are getting this morning in Kingman Arizona is not on par with the kinds of snow many other locations are getting, it is nice to see the stuff every other year or so. On my way to the office this morning I tried to get a few shots to share. These didn't come out like I wanted, and I didn't want to wait around for that elusive perfect shot. And as of 10:00am this morning peering out of my office window... still flurries flying. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Thought I'd share a few more in the 11:00am hour from my office. It is actually snowing harder now and there is even a winter storm warning in effect. Please, locals, be careful on the roads. I doubt the city has dispatched the salt trucks or plows (I doubt we have such things).

The Christmas tree lot across the way. Today only, free snow effect included with purchase!!

Oh... and my hockey league is canceled tonight in Havasu... sucks.

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