Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why is the MLS in trouble??

Well when you see comments like these...

Names withdrawn to protect... the pride of Realtors everywhere I assume.

"Open to the MLS, except for Agent X. He/She is not allowed on the property per sellers request. Seller will not consider offers where Agent X is the agent."

It's right in the remarks and to my knowledge the remarks are picked up at I just found this today, and as president of this Association, I hope to have this resolved pretty quickly.

Remember folks, the MLS is meant to be cooperative. That means cooperation. I learned about the word cooperation from watching Sesame Street as a youngling. I'm wondering if this has a complaint filed all over it??

I don't think the listing agent is doing anyone any good here. My first impression when reading this remark is that the seller is a hostile party. How long until my name gets added to the remarks?? There has to be a much better way to handle the sellers wishes here, and not dragging Agent X's name through the mud for all the Members to see would have been a fine place to start.

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