Thursday, August 31, 2006

Newpaper print ad vs. the Internet

As I alluded to in a previous post, I'm looking ahead and am actively marketing my listings on the Internet instead of using more traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper ads that typically appear in the classified section.

This news release by the Classified Intelligence LLC firm speaks to what is currently happening with a grim look ahead for newspaper advertising from the real estate profession. (Hat Tip to the Future of Real Estate Marketing)

Our own local newspaper also produces our monthly real estate guide magazine. In addition to that magazine they also have an online service to advertise listings from the local MLS (soon to be Data Exchange). You can see an example of a listing right here.

This was the first year I have experienced a lack of response from newspaper advertising, but it is a slower market than in recent years. And to be honest I haven't seen overwhelming success on my online advertisements, but I am a believer in this method 100%. Some of the lack of success I attribute to the size of my market. Kingman is not a large metro area by any stretch. In fact I also believe that the local market is a tad behind other areas in Internet use. Most of the time that I have received interest from the Internet advertising it has come from people who are living in another area and are planning to relocate to Kingman (or in my service area).

My expectation is that this will change in the very near future. There are currently plenty of listed Kingman properties on many of the popular search sites and I love that I can track the listing page hits on most of those that I have placed ads on.

It is not the wave of the future, it is happening right now. Make sure you ask your Realtor of choice his or her plan on how they intend to market your listing on the Internet. You will want as much Internet presence as possible, especially competing to sell your property in this current buyers market.

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