Friday, August 04, 2006

Trying something different today...

I think that I'm taking most of the day off today. Not that it's really anything new, I'm at my office right now doing some comparisons for a couple of clients, but what I'm going to attempt is to head home in awhile and really do nothing.

I take afternoons off to play golf, I don't work all that much on weekends unless I'm working with a client (although I do hit the office in the early morning to catch up on a few things). I do get time off to get out of town (Vegas or Phoenix weekends are common), but rarely do I do nothing.

There are days when there are Association meetings that take me away from my service to my clients, or hearing panels to attend, or something else related to the real estate business. So again I get plenty of time away, but I don't get all that much time (during normally perceived working hours) to do nothing.

Nothing is the key word today when I leave the office. Nothing. Nothing for a change.

Well, I'll probably organize the garage a bit... but to me that is nothing.

(watch... my cell rings off the hook today I bet)

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