Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday's WARDEX meeting...

As I've posted about before, here regionally with two other Associations we are creating a new MLS organization. We are moving away from calling it MLS and now the buzzword is Data Exchange. The Western Arizona Realtor Data Exchange (WARDEX) had it's first meeting of interim directors on Wednesday. At the meeting we chose the interim Officers that will reside over duties until the permanent Board of Directors is selected by each of the Associations and installed in January 2007.

I'm happy to report that I am not an officer, but I am an interim director.

I will be using this blog to start letting the cat out of the bag on issues that will affect the Membership of KGVAR. I'm doing this because of the loyalty to the Association I have as president. There will be big changes that all Members will have to endure. Change is not easy for Realtors, duh...

First thing is that I've already mentioned that the interim board is in place and handling business.

The Board came to an agreement on the cost for the new service that each Member will pay for use. It will be an annual fee of $240 for the year. There won't be a monthly bill, there will be prorations offered on a quarterly basis, and there will be no refunds if a Member drops out of the service. The first time a bill for the service will be issued is in April and it is due May 1 and is delinquent on June 1.

The Board began to critique further the bylaws and the rules & regulations of the new organization. I'm not going into those details until the legal department looks over the changes.

We also agreed to formerly pass on the information for training of the new MLS (oh I mean Data Exchange) product that all Members will be using starting on October 25 of this year. You can view that information as it pertains to my Association right here.

The officers are; President -- Evan Fuchs from Bullhead City, Vice President -- Cheryl Westwood from Lake Havasu, and Secretary/Treasurer Ben Gangloff from Kingman. (Ben I can't find your website!!)

Lastly we agreed to meet the first Wednesday of each month and rotate the location of the meeting between the three Association locations. It's also likely that we will have supplemental meetings as we get ramped up.

Contact me for more information.

Wow, lots of stuff happening. No wonder I'm at my office ususally by 6:30 am and leaving for the day pretty close to when it is dark (and the days are getting shorter).

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