Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's all about the water around here...

Many folks around the country have their eyes on the state of Arizona as a possible destination to live out their golden years when retirement time comes. I don't blame them. I'm pretty sure that I'll hang around after I retire as well (oh a long way to go for that Todd, don't make any plans just yet).

There is plenty of growth potential in my corner of the state. Plenty of cheap land (in comparison to say Las Vegas and Phoenix), pretty good weather (cooler than Phoenix and Vegas on the hottest days), emerging opportunities for commercial and service based business, etc.

However the catch is water. How much is there?? Will there be enough for all the boomers who are likely to start showing up oh, say right about... now??

Well my guess is it will depend on who you hire to do the water studies. It may also depend if you favor growth or not. There is a battle happening right now in Mohave County (MOCO) between the folks who don't want to see another soul move into the county and folks who want to develop the area and profit from their actions.

I'd like to know the truth, but I doubt the truth will be easy to point at anytime in the near future.

Here is an article that captures both sides fairly well from the local Kingman Daily Miner.

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