Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ryan Howard... MVP!!!

I haven't really shared my love of sports on the blog, but my first ever post sort of covered it.

While I was putting together my last post, the Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard hit an absolute bomb of a home run!! Now I haven't seen it yet, I'm only going by the descriptions I've read on a team message board -- I'm still at my office for crying out loud!!

I'm only noting it because it was his 49th of the year and that breaks a team record. Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt (an all time favorite player of mine) held the record of 48 since the 1980 season. That season the Phightin' Phills' won the World Series. Ahh what great memories... I was in third grade and it is about all I can remember.

Anyway, congrat's Ryan. I think he is a special player and I hope he is playing for a special team (however please note, as a sports fan of teams from Philadelphia, I never really get my hopes up too much). I can guarantee you that if the Phils make the playoffs you won't be seeing any posts during those times when the games are on. Still another month to go, but my excitement level is rising!!

Look for my listings report on Friday. I'm heading home to see the highlights!!


Of course the Phillies totally blew that game against the Nationals that night. But over the weekend Howard went on to hit another 3 HR's in one game and one more on Labor Day!! The kid is on fire.

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