Monday, August 28, 2006


Maybe some of the fellow bloggers can help me.

I downloaded this program for the desktop, windows live writer, to help me add content to my blog. It's pretty cool and easy to use. The reason this piqued my interest is because I have a devil of a time posting photo's with Blogger. Words are nice and all, but I have to get better with photo's because right after that I'm going to have be solid with posting video's (which for now I just link to other blogs that have the video I want to share).

Here is the only problem with the live writer program, it won't publish the photo's to Blogger. Pain in the you know what.

About a month ago, Greg Tracy calls me after I left a comment on one of his posts at BlueRoof Blog. He is a pleasure to talk with so I ask him about Blogger and how to work with it and all, he tells me about WordPress and how he is changing from Blogger to WordPress. He said it was easy and that I should look into it myself. I did produce a new blog site at WP. It's pretty cool to work with and I plan to make the jump when I'm ready.

Then I see a post at Greg Swann's site (Bloodhound Blog) about why WP is better than Blogger today. So I start to play around with my WP site again today and low and behold the windows live writer works rather nicely with the WP site. Accepts photo's and everything, real easy (even for me).

For now I'm going to keep messing around with this site right here. I'm tracking my increasing readership and am sort of put off by basically starting over again with all the site counts. Plus I'm just not totally cozy with the WP set up just yet. The help and FAQ talk over my head for now and I think Blogger is basic enough to learn the ropes.

If any of my bretheren out there want to give me some help feel free to do so. Email me or leave a comment. I'd appreciate it. Here is a sneak peak at my site at WP.

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