Monday, August 21, 2006

Photo from my trip last week

This is a photo of the lake where I spent most of my time last week. I was in Michigan in the Irish Hills area. Wow what a great place. You could call me the tomato burgler because it seemed everyone had tomato's growing and they were just oh so good. My lunch consisted of a swiped tomato every day I was there. Yummy.

I really want to thank my buddies Joe and Art here in Kingman for inviting me along. They have invited me for the past few years but I wasn't able to go for one reason or another. This year, this trip, was just what the doctor ordered.

I also want to thank Joe's sister, who lives in the Detroit area, for letting me come out. Both Rose and her husband Dan own a nice cottage on Crytal Lake in the Irish Hills area. Their place is so ideal. The cottage is right on the small lake, only electric motored boats are allowed on the lake so it is very peaceful there all day and night.

Many other thanks to Joe's Dad, Joe Sr. Papa Joe was always fixing up something for breakfast for those of us that hit the lake very early in the morning when we returned. Plus he had his homemade red sauce there for a pasta night, I'll just say I indulged three plates worth of pasta and probably should of had more. Also Rose and Dan's next door neighbors were very friendly. Matt and Gina said they might be selling their place and believe me I went through many scenario's on how I might be able to buy their place (I haven't come up with one as of yet that would make sense).

My pal Art caught the largest bass on the trip, it was over 19 inches. I got myself a nice 18 incher but I'm still waiting on the photo's of that fish and me. See it was just Art and I on the boat when I pulled in my personal best bass ever and we did have Joe's digital camera with us. However, Art couldn't figure out how to power up the camera so I traded him the fish for the camera. I snapped a photo of the fish, but Art was holding it. Joe Sr. was on another boat and they swooped by and took a photo with me and MY fish, but I just don't have the photo yet. Yeah, I know it sounds like a fish story, you'll just have to trust me.

Our host Dan caught the largest fish on my visit though. He landed a 27 inch walleye.

This is me on the last day with a 16 to 17 inch fish. This fish was also photographed with Art and Joe like they caught it. (Yeah, another likely fish story right??)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for the truly great time I had. Hope to do it again next year. This time I'll bring my own camera.

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