Saturday, August 15, 2009

Will need new scissors...

Time again to break out the scissors, not even 24 hours later than the last time I needed to put them to good use.

This time it is the Kingman Daily Loyd. Over the months that I have been going back and forth with Loyd I've tried my best to keep the level of discourse at a high level of respect. I find that more difficult to do even after all the labels he has tried to pin on me and the industry and business I have chosen to involve myself in. There can be no doubt, Loyd can play the blame game as well as anyone that has ever walked the planet.

His latest blog submission from yesterday was very disrespectful to me, even though he did not include my name in his publication. It was rather easy to read between the lines though. Loyd has decided to start a movement of elderly people against younger people... something I do not believe has ever been the case nor should it be. It is certainly not found in my writing or on this blog.

I realize that he'll point to this MOCO blog post to say I'm wrong about that. The truth is that once Loyd started carrying on last week like a school girl with a skinned knee on a playground, I typed in a web search for 'people falling asleep' and came up with the updated photo that I put below a Mohave Tea Party linked photo that Loyd manipulated. If you want to see the photo that Loyd didn't want you to see, click here. And as I said in my blog post from last week...

I say some because I'm certain that after a few meetings exposed to only rhetoric about the status of groundwater, many will walk away from this band. Quite a cross section of the population eh?? I'm guessing most aren't suffering the effects of the efforts to kill development and other positive growth in the area. Are you really going to let a group like this dictate terms??

The only shot across the bow I took was one regarding the empty rhetoric that no doubt was offered at the meeting. No doubt that some wise folks at that original meeting will leave that group once they realize that the groups only intention is to limit growth opportunities in Mohave County and interfere with property rights and free enterprise.

Am I calling for a figurative fight?? You bet I am. I know many other locals that are critically concerned about their own property rights that are in jeopardy, I know many that are infuriated because of the disrespect shown to private free enterprise interests that are (or were) considering this area for new developments and opportunities. The cross section of these folks includes many in the age range that Loyd believes I am against simply because of age. Well, Loyd, you are as wrong as you have ever been. Property rights and free enterprise do not discriminate against age... they are basic fundamental principles this country and this state were founded on. I want those rights and principles protected from those that simply want the rights for no fair exchange... and Loyd... that IS YOU.

Time for some cutting and pasting. I almost need industrial strength cutting and bonding for this one... but as we know industry is a bad word to a select few in this area. I'll make do with what I have...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Label Pinners Running Short of Clips
Loyd Peterson

I get hard pressed to resolve the logic that some use to arrive at the positions they embrace. It is as if they go into their closet and ponder their huge assortment of hats, grab one that strikes their fancy without one thought whether it goes with the rest of their garb.

You get hard pressed to see the logic Loyd?? Look up private property rights. Look up the importance of free enterprise. Then get a new hat.

But, given what I see on the streets, there just are no rules any longer -- it's grab it, flaunt it and if you have a problem with it -- your problem! That pretty much sums up the boiling over pot that can no longer contain the seething resentment building in the youth camp against the aged – not just in Kingman, AZ but undeniably around the world.

Nice propaganda there Loyd. Chairman Mao would be pleased. Freedom is inherently American and it has been fought for and many have made the ultimate sacrifice for it. I'm deeply grateful for all that have served to keep this nation as free as it is (and that includes you Loyd).

I have no resentment against the 'aged' as you say. None at all. I do, however, have resentment for those that are jeopardizing my rights (and that includes you Loyd).

As an aside, I'll let you in on why I'm against Obamacare for instance. From what I know about the so called plan to overhaul health care in this country... I see it as a way to limit care to the elderly. If I'm right, the plan is as evil and wrong as anything we've ever seen. Now I may not like paying into some government programs that are no doubt going to bankrupt the federal government (social security, medicare, and medicaid) but I do anyway. I believe that your generation (and older) were made certain promises by a previous stupid government pushing obvious Ponzi schemes and I'm willing to help fulfill that promise with a smile on my face while I think of my Grandfather (age 90), my Dad (age 79), and my Mom (age 62)... all who are alive today and two of them have been on various forms of government promised Ponzi scheme plans for health care and retirement for years (FDR is an icon... Madoff goes to jail... for the same things).

Really sounds like I hate the old people doesn't it Loyd??

Moving back to the lunacy of Loyd's blog post...

That is quite a dramatic change from the fifties when respect across the board was afforded as a matter of course. But, the seeds of rebellion were already planted I suppose with the huge success of actors such as James Dean and Marlon Brando a half century ago. Their testy and provoking movies became cult classics marking the start of a societal shift that to this day continues to widen the chasm that separates us based on age.

Brando and Dean have had zero effect on my life. Loyd... you are just rambling.

The trashed economy does nothing more than exacerbate a problem that was not created by the age gap, but by greed -- a grievous human trait shared by both the young and the old alike, as it has been for eons.

You are a quitter and that is what separates us in thought. I've supported new growth for our economy... our local economy... always. I know that locally we can have a positive affect on an otherwise 'trashed' economy. I know this because I constantly see many other local communities push for improving their own economies. Jobs are being created... just not here... just not now. You and your cohorts haven't helped support opportunity... you've defeated opportunity. You threaten to weaken the value of my property even further by demanding the rights of other property owners for no fair exchange. This has NOTHING to do with your age... it has everything to do with your actions (see referendums, etc.).

I get absolutely amused reading the ohh-so-passionate comments by especially the younger set, some of whom have no ability to express themselves with other than hastily coined labels like NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and WWW (Water Worry Warts).

Sounds like you are the 'ageist' here. You are the one framing it in those terms. No doubt I challenge the thought process of the NIMBY (not a term that I made up... it's been around for a very long time). Last week at county P&Z I witnessed more than one person in opposition to the proposed biofuel plant say that they had no problems with the idea of the new plant... they just didn't want it in their backyard. They defined themselves. I didn't have to. They don't have rights to the property in question... but they sure as heck want those rights. It was what they will be asking the government for. It is wrong and it is un-American.

As for the water worry warts goes... I've been on them to supply something other than rhetoric, empty rhetoric at that to back up their ongoing concerns about water availability in Mohave County. They, including you Loyd, run from that challenge. Loyd you use your handy dandy chart to attempt to prove we have a water problem because the level in ONE well has dropped 60 feet in 40 some years. You never let anyone in on the fact that there is still 400 plus feet of water left in that well. You have nothing but empty rhetoric. I at least supplied the math for different scenarios based on your chart and all showed that there's water in that well that would last for much longer than I'd be alive to use it.

But I'm somehow the bogey-man in this... I'm the 'ageist' right?? Yet I see two of your fellow bloggers that are closer to your age than to mine (I mean no disrespect Ed and Butch) that have written about positive growth related issues. Have you told them that it would be wiser to hide in a shell like you've told me countless times?? I doubt it. Your whole line of talking is completely fraudulent on this young vs. old campaign you are trying to start. You should be ashamed of yourself.

However, that is a proven tactic and comes almost directly from the radical organizer handbooks of the likes of Saul Alinsky and his "Rules for Radicals" -- a digest for the Have-nots and how to take it away.

Hang a short, highly emotionalized label on those you want to identify as your target group and the masses can focus on it without exhaustive explanation. That is what we have going on right here in Kingman. The opening paragraph of that "Rules" book Alinsky wrote apparently states, "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be".

Dude, you need to look in the mirror. You've been casting stones my way for a very long time. You've blamed me and anyone else that favors growth for all that is bad in the economy. You're on the side that wants to, in effect, take away property rights and limit free enterprise. These are items you had at your disposal all your life and you want to limit my opportunity. You really need to look in the mirror. All I'm asking for is the continued use and respect for property rights in Arizona and free enterprise in America.

So, there in a nut shell is the wide-brush rendering of the agenda driven movement that is shaping up to be quite a knock-down drag-out contest between the young and able bodied and those that would really prefer to just catch another episode of "Wheel of Fortune".

Your about to find out that many that perhaps watch 'Wheel' are not on your side of these issues. Stay tuned.

Now we are blamed, especially locally, for orchestrating a city devoid of opportunity.

What side are you on for?? Hmm... lets see... the referendum against the Bower/Short property that would have led to jobs and opportunity... the referendum to limit the land use on 168 acres of property the city owns that could have been used for many different and prosperous opportunities... the request to allow for a convenience store in the Tuscany Plaza that would have led to some jobs... the Kingman Crossing project... and now the biofuel plant and the proposed solar plants that offer the opportunity for hundreds of jobs... shall I go on?? Every issue that has come up in the last few years that could have led to positive growth you, and others (NIMBY's and water worry warts), have been against. All along there have been interests at the ready to invest into this community. Where have you been?? Oh that's right... against all of it.

Your attempts at recent revisionist history are pathetic... at best.

Well, we're sorry, but we did not do that -- the economy did it.

Defeating interested parties bent on investing money into this local economy will lead to a bad economy. Each time, every time. Thanks.

The younger attribute far too much power to the older age group. We've also taken it in the teeth to the tune of how many trillions thieved from our retirement savings? We should be allies against our common enemy rather than be divided so that they can conquer us all with relative ease. But no, that would take effort and a sense of fairness.

Actually Loyd, we are allies in many ways on national issues. But for whatever reason you simply do not apply the same principles locally. You wish to deny others of their property rights and opportunities of free enterprise here locally. I'm as pissed as you are about what is happening at the federal level. Meanwhile I look to improve the situation here locally to help survive the lunacy that Congress and the Executive branches of the federal government are attempting. Where are you?? Fighting against freedom and opportunity locally. How mighty selfish of you.

The bottom line is that the elderly could all keel over tomorrow, but the economic woes would remain. Then who will be the next unsuspecting recipient of your ire? At whose feet might you lay your grievance then? The fact is, if it weren't for the money we elders have saved that we are now spending, the economy would be in a hole so deep you couldn't see daylight.

One does not have to be elderly to save money. I've been doing that since I first asked for and was granted a job. Local economic woes will remain as long as there is a void in leadership at the local governmental level (leadership has started to improve greatly lately I must say). Local economic woes will continue as the community is void of voices that wish to welcome new opportunity to the area. I've already outlined the mistakes the community has made over the last few years... and all of which you supported and those actions have indeed hurt this community. I know you are proud of it and again I ask you to wear that badge with honor.

I actually have a larger beef with those that DON'T speak up. I've called out the business community including the Realtors Association, the builders association, the COC, etc. for their lack of voice and support for growth related issues. Many, my guess is, were too busy counting their money not realizing that opportunities would not continue automatically like water through a Kingman area faucet or sprinkler system (you know, no end in sight). The good news is that I'm seeing more voices from the business community perk up and become active, my hope is that it isn't too late to come back from the damage that has been done.

Again Loyd, you are folly to think any what I have done or said is about 'age'.

In the fifties, sixties and seventies we brought great pressure on greedy corporations and made it un-American to ship jobs abroad and import cheap junk from overseas. Yet while you have been playing video games for the past three decades, your world has been robbed from you and genuine opportunity utterly vanquished from your future. Where is your outrage and why is it manifest in this misdirected lashing out at those that have had no part in the dismal circumstances we all are coping with?

Revisionist history at its finest. Again, who is painting the picture here?? Loyd is... and he couldn't be more wrong. Sad really.

There is only one promise for the future of which you can be assured. You too, will join the ranks of the aged, the feeble, the infirm and the helpless. If this resentment continues to grow, you will likely lay in the street, all taken from you by the young and able bodied -- possibly even unto life itself -- right here in America -- the home of the "free" -- as in mostly to others.

There isn't any resentment right now so I'm not sure how it would manifest itself to match the ignorance of your words. I look forward to the day when I can retire, but I know a few decades of work remain until that day comes. I will still be valuing free enterprise and private property rights in the same manner I do today. If able I'll help and support the younger generation acquire the experience and expertise to hopefully lead them to the success that I hopefully can achieve.

If you've taught me one thing Loyd over the many months worth of banter it is this... when I am your age I WILL NOT BE YOU. That realization alone will bring a smile to my face for the rest of my life.

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