Thursday, August 06, 2009

Take a good look... (UPDATED)

Here are some of the NIMBY's working against your opportunities here in Kingman.

As you can see the photo of this event is no longer available to use at MOCO. Luckily for me though I had a spy at the same meeting that took a different photo that appears below...


I say some because I'm certain that after a few meetings exposed to only rhetoric about the status of groundwater, many will walk away from this band. Quite a cross section of the population eh?? I'm guessing most aren't suffering the effects of the efforts to kill development and other positive growth in the area. Are you really going to let a group like this dictate terms??

Less than 30 people gathered Tuesday evening to form a more structured body to assert positive action in preserving natural resources in Mohave County. The focus is primarily on water issues involved with the proposed concentrated solar electric generating plants and concern was also raised with the bio-fuels plant proposed near Valle Vista. Denise Bensusan was elected to serve as the group's first president.

Betcha none of these folks, not even their so called president, will answer the simple question of -- when??

Don't let these folks win. We will all lose.

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