Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Local property rights still under assault, but...

I just returned from today's Mohave County Planning and Zoning meeting where the hot topic was the proposed biofuel plant east of Kingman and over a mile away from any major residential areas.

The county meeting room was fairly full and I have to say that there were more folks opposed to the biofuel plant in attendance, not that it really matters. Many voices were still heard that favored the needed changes to allow the project to move forward.

Voices included the mayor of Kingman, John Salem, who stood up for needed growth that promises more opportunity locally. His words offered real leadership to many, his concerns are about moving the local economy forward. Another elected leader also spoke up for new opportunities like the biofuel plant that promise more jobs and expansion of the tax base and I was certainly glad to hear those comments from Kingman City Councilwoman Robin Gordon.

Kingman certainly needs leaders and it was inspiring to see two such leaders speak up for all in the area that are hopeful for a better future.

The central arguments against the biofuel plant were the potential danger of a fire or explosion and simply the NIMBY element. One intelligent woman that spoke in opposition admitted that she was not against biofuel plants and even mentioned that they would be welcome in Mohave County... just not where the one that is proposed is located. Classic NIMBY.

What I witnessed was a group of people demanding the P&Z commission to deny the rights of another property owner. Of course that is as un-American as it can get.

I have a possible solution for the folks out in the Valle Vista area that are opposed to the plant and who wish to take the rights of the property owner in question that intends to build the biofuel plant. Simply write a letter of intent to purchase Mr. Neal's property for agreed to value so he can then purchase land at another location (complete with a one mile rail spur that is needed for the project) with the already correct zoning. Then simply raise the HOA dues by $1000 a year or so for a couple of years so that the money can be collected to pay Mr. Neal for not only his property, but the rights to his property.

Yeah, it's highly doubtful that those that will be asking the government to take away the property rights of an individual away won't want to actually pay for those rights.

Proponents of the biofuel plant were often interrupted as they were trying to speak in front of the commissioners, the commission chair had to tap the gavel many times throughout this mornings public meeting. So not only were private property rights disrespected but so was the right to speak.

I hope moving forward that more proponents for new opportunity, job growth, and community health come out to support the issue when it appears before the Board of Supervisors. Please remember to be courteous to those that may oppose your views, even as they don't offer the same respect.

This is a good fight, a fair one, and now more are joining the side that protects the rights of ALL property owners. Good days ahead.

I did not stick around for the decisions made by the commissioners. This issue will be in front of the voter elected Board of Supervisors soon where decisions are more formal.


Another voter elected leader chimed in on the issue of fairness this morning in an article at the here.

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