Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anti-growthers think YOU are stupid...

This bit comes from the conversation thread found at the Kingman Daily Loyd's blog article that I ripped to shreds last week. The conversation if moving all over the place, but there are some good nuggets there. I'm seeing so many more supportive comments at the KDMiner.com website, very good news.

But there I go off on a tangent after the title to this blog. Back to it.

Here is a comment left by an obvious NIMBY/water worry wart/anti-growther...

Posted: Monday, August 17, 2009
Article comment by: VAL

@Todd and Buck Tooth

I challenge both of you to find 20 people in Kingman who are QUALIFIED to work in a biofuels plant (other than as janitor). Get real.

Pretty much sums it up. The anti-growthers think that if you live in Kingman, you are unqualified to get a job (beyond being a janitor). You really gonna stand there and take that??

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