Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got Agenda??

Uh oh... my agenda has been revealed. Not really an 'uh oh' though... more like 'so what??' to be honest.

From the comments at this blog came this little nugget...

Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009
Article comment by: SoundsGoodToMe

Lets see, Dennis (should be Denise, my edit) doesn’t want the power plants because she is worried that they will lower the level of the aquifer to the point were it would be to expensive to drill a deeper well.

I know why Todd is all hot for these power plants to come in. Lets see (8) investment properties in a bad real-estate market equals NO SALE.

I'll proudly admit that my wife and I have some investment properties (the number 8 is not correct, but matters not).

To be fair here, I don't think that this 'SoundsGoodToMe' commenter is necessarily ripping the piss on me for owning property. He/she might be trying to make some kind of point about my agenda in this debate about the solar plants and probably growth in general.

No big deal really, in fact I'll let everyone in on my agenda.

I'd love to see the area in and around Kingman take advantage of the many assets it has to improve business and other opportunity prospects. I believe that private property rights must be protected to help promote the highest and best values of land (as there is more than one way to threaten the value of property). I value free enterprise and all that comes with it, including the freedom to fail as failure can become success if one learns from it.

I have lived in two western states all of my adult life, so far, and have always believed that out here in the west one could pursue their own self interests, wild west style -- but respecting the rule of applicable law. Often times self interests include the pursuit of profit and/or increased value of assets, but understand clearly that the 'whatever' market has the final say. I don't argue with the market (you've read my home sales reports over the years) yet I know that markets can be fickle... both for the good and especially the bad.

No doubt that I have been overtly interested in the local political scene for some time. I've had plenty said about me and my 'agenda' over the years. Some have said that I've been on the take from outside development interests, others have said that I'm ignorant and being used, and simply that I'm out to better my own self interests. Well... no, no, and you betcha. I mean, who doesn't want their assets to be worth more than they are today?? I see no honest hands going up. Who doesn't want a better opportunity for something that can lead to an improved, secure, financial situation. Again, no honest hands being raised... why am I not surprised??

I make no bones about it... my agenda is written all over this blog for over three years. I don't run from it and certainly not hiding in a shell from it till whatever storm may pass.

All along, I've kept the message simple and transparent. Protect private property rights, same goes for free enterprise, keep an eye on markets that I have an interest in (you don't find stock market tips or touts here) and share the information, cherish the freedoms that allows for the pursuit of interests and enjoyment, respect the community, and capitalize on assets.

And truth be told... I get along famously with many that share the same views. It just so happens that many in the same mold live in places like Arizona. Not exactly going out on a limb to say that most in this community are friendly with this agenda. The agenda is not mine exclusively, I didn't create it, improve upon it, and in no way am asking for any credit for anything related.

But I have watched these principles and values get challenged, mostly with scare tactic rhetoric, and have decided to answer back. As insignificant as this blog is to most here in Kingman, I use it for my contributions... however insignificant as they may be.

And at the end of the day, I'm cool with all of it... and I sleep rather well at night. What more could anyone ask for??

Oh and just to clarify for 'SoundsGoodToMe' from the comment... I'm not selling and in fact I had been more industrious and successful to this point... I'd be adding to the Tarson armada right here in jolly old Kingman. Better days ahead.

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