Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Can we take care of our own??

Feels like this in Kingman now to some degree.

I've highlighted the great words of the Mayor in a recent post. To me, he gets it. Kingman needs to have others 'get' it too.

If you look closer at the billboard from a tired old age, you will see that the Chamber of Commerce put it up. Our own local CoC needs to show some leadership and take a real stand on these rather important issues. I'm not trying to take them to task, they are not the NIMBY's that want the outcome pictured above... but they need to join the fight.

The local Realtor Association also needs to step up the efforts. I know this, I've been there. The Realtors have made some strides internally, but need to make more. I believe they are headed in the right direction. Again, these folks are not the NIMBY's that have hurt this community, but the time to stand up for this community is right now (there is an election next year and it will be here before you know it).

The builders association has put in plenty of time and effort, but they as well need to do more. Of all the proponents for growth in Kingman, these folks have the most on the line and have already lost the most. While city council has promised to reexamine the costly 'impact fees' so far they haven't. The builders simply cannot allow the issue to die on the vine.

The time is now to win some battles, Kingman cannot survive without supporting new industry and commercial opportunities. The rallying cry should simply be about job opportunities.

Can we take care of our own??


This article was referenced by Donna in the comments. Link here. First line of the article...

KINGMAN - A report released last week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that local unemployment has risen to its highest level in more than 15 years.

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