Tuesday, August 04, 2009

NIMBY's strike back...

See folks, it's on. This is why efforts are needed to fight the water worry warts, NIMBY's, and empty rhetoric types.

The new NIMBY strategy is to paint the Mayor, who has spoke up clearly on needed growth issues, as a candidate pandering for campaign contributions. Of course doing so without a shred of evidence... just like their so called arguments/rhetoric on water -- no substantial evidence backing up their talking points.

See this comment at the KDMiner.com website for this article...

Posted: Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Article comment by: TALK ABOUT RIDICULOUS

Dont forget Salems attitude about the future of kingman at election time. Anyone that cant see the genuine concern over water issues is just simple minded and seeking the finacial support (campaign contributions) of those businesses that dont care about the future of your grandchildren! Just like these solar plants.......


Bottom line, it is time to back the leaders in the community that are sticking up for us. We have one right now... and hopefully others on the council and at the county will also speak up on issues this important to the community. If or when they do, back them too.

We are left with no choice other than to push back against the NIMBY's that have been costing our community opportunities that lead to such things as employment and beyond. These were the folks that wanted to see an end to growth, and now we see how it has negatively affected our friends and families.

See through the thin veil and notice that none of this is about water, the future, or even grandchildren. This is about them and their selfish ways. Many already have 'theirs' and could care less if you ever even had a chance to earn yours. These are not neighborly people.

They are out to limit your opportunity... don't let them.

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