Monday, August 03, 2009

The typical NIMBY reaction...

The water worry warts, a.k.a the NIMBY's are reacting to the Mayor's quote. See if you think they make any sense... (forwarded to me via email)

MAYOR OF KINGMAN CALLING CONCERNS OVER WATER AND ENVIRONMENT "RIDICULOUS" There are plenty of businesses out there that respect the general public and the environment. While the majority of business out there profit within the counties limited natural resources there are others that simply do not care about your future! The ones that promote their selves without concern for the peoples survival do not deserve our business! The solar plants that Salem caters to current day do NOT need to use the massive amount of water that they plan to produce their product with.......but they REFUSE to do so to increase their net profit by a small margin. Yes folks, the BILLIONS that they will make by destroying our water supply is not enough for them...they want more...and the mayor of Kingman and other elected officials plan to give it to them!

Just once I'd love to see something from this merry little band other than empty rhetoric. I just won't risk holding my breath until I see something.

So easy to refute... all the water worry warts have to do is pay attention. The solar project at Red Lake has approached the city of Kingman to look into using the waste water (i.e. not water from the aquifers) to use as the primary source of needed water to create energy (their 'product'). Ignoring that bit of information, which they constantly do, demeans their entire premise of the argument. These folks want to throw out millions of potential tax dollars that the solar plants would pay into the community.

Don't let them.

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