Friday, August 21, 2009

More Kingman Daily Loyd crap...

Why?? Just because (it is a popular answer from the water worry warts these days). Here is the latest from the comments on his blog...

Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2009
Article comment by: Loyd

As a 5yr old kid I used to go out in the chicken yard and watch the roosters strut around after they had just been amorous with the girls. They do this cocky strut thing with their neck feathers all fluffed up making a bunch of deep-throated clucking sounds.

There is comedy gold to be had right here after this paragraph. No, seriously, there is... but I'm going to leave it be.

These label pinners are doing precisely the same thing, less the neck feathers of course, since the county P&Z did their customary trashing of the general plan Wednesday. The pinners act as if they have just planted a seed and the birth of new industrial plants is now virtually assured.

First, the wrote something about me being all ego-centric and all... as in I shouldn't suppose that at least some parts of his latest blog post really do not have anything to do with me whatsoever. Well, since I coined the label pinning term 'water worry warts' (comes up third in a Google search that leads you to this post from July 2nd of this year)... I sorta took some umbrage to his blog post and responded, to which I was lectured by the KDLoyd. My bad, dude.

Now since in fact I am a so called 'label pinner' allow me to show everyone how I responded to the news of the P&Z commission voting in favor of two agenda items from this post...

I was there this morning for the public input on item number 13A. I was there last week as well and I must commend everyone that spoke either for or against the issue. While I am biased on this issue (in the 'for' category), I think both sides did well in front of the commission.

Sadly, I guess, I think the roosters got one on me here. As you can see, I'm clearly not doing the chicken dance. I've never called for silence from the other side of this issue. In fact I wanted to hear them out and in some ways I believe they made some significant points.

The pro-growth crowd has a long way to go for real a footing on important issues. We are simply not nearly engaged or organized enough to have any confidence that the elected leaders will side with us on what we believe are important issues (private property rights, supporting free enterprise, common sense, etc.)... not yet anyway.

Back to the KDLoyd stuff...

I will leave my hat in the ring with the silent majority here in Kingman. They are not vocal or boisterous, but they can be a formidable force in the voting booth. I think they have a very good cumulative memory for the performance along the way of those they entrust with the helm of our local governments. When the ship goes off course, they will right it -- of that you can be sure.

Silent majority?? I didn't see the fair KDLoyd at either P&Z meeting so I'll inform him that there was a majority there and they weren't silent. The meeting dragged on for over a week, many hours worth of public input was delivered by the majority and they did not use silence as a tactic.

Also, the KDLoyd has proudly expressed his support for the district 1 Mohave County Supervisor, Gary Watson, at times. Says he even helped Mr. Watson gain victory in the election. This is the same Gary Watson that is likely to cast his vote also in approval for the same agenda items covered at the P&Z meetings... I base that on this article from the's website. I'll share a clip from that article below...

The whole issue revolves around private property rights, he said. It's not fair to say no to these businesses who want to invest in the county. They have as much right to develop their property as anyone else in the county, he said.

When asked why the county couldn't use the County Planning and Zoning ordinances to show that a project wasn't a fit for a particular area. Watson countered with a question of his own: how can the county tell one property owner that they can't rezone their property to make a profit and then turn around and let another rezone their property?

"We have to be fair to all," he said.

Again... Mr. Watson is Loyd's guy.

Leave your hat in the ring there Loyd... you see I'm ready to throw my hat down into the rink once the hat trick for approvals on the biofuel plant and the two solar plants are complete.

Back to the KDLoyd stuff for one final bit...

The only worry is that a lot of damage can be done which, in some cases, may not be reversible. I have not seen a time in over 60 years here where this area has been under such a great risk.

Basically when all else fails in trying to make a point... settle on scare tactics. Oh noez!! The sky is falling!! There won't be any water in the next millennium!! That new plant thingy will blow up!! More people might live in my neighborhood!!

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