Wednesday, August 19, 2009

News Update re: proposed biofuels plant in Kingman (updated)

Earlier today the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission approved item 13A on the agenda; a minor amendment to the Mohave County general plan.

Right now, I guess, the meeting continues to hear item number 13B; a zoning use permit for the same project.

I was there this morning for the public input on item number 13A. I was there last week as well and I must commend everyone that spoke either for or against the issue. While I am biased on this issue (in the 'for' category), I think both sides did well in front of the commission.

While I was not able to stay for this afternoons proceedings, maybe someone that is there will provide an update on the commission's findings when the meeting is over. Please comment below, or if you have recently joined the writing staff here at MOCO -- blog about it in a new post.

A good day for property rights in Mohave County and Arizona today. More to come.


County P&Z also approved the other item on the agenda yesterday. Here is more on what took place yesterday from the site. Please be sure to read the comments. Good stuff.

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