Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Photoblogging in Zion National Park

Here's just a few photo's of my recent hiking trip. Keep in mind that I do not feel comfortable with heights or I might have taken more quality photo's. I'm a bit weak in the knee when I'm looking over cliff's and such. I regret I didn't get more into it while I was there. I'm also 235 pounds and didn't see anyone else in my weight class at the top of these hikes, I was beat.

My wife however can do these hikes all day long and wish for more daylight to do even more. Still, I had a great time even though hiking is really not for me. I'd like to thank my sister in law Dawn, her husband Anthony, and friend Tracy... along with my wife for waiting for the slow poke on the way up AND the way down the trails. I was in good company for sure.

My motivation to make it to the top of the trails?? I brought along my XM radio to listen to the Phillies games. For one thing, sure couldn't beat the view while taking in the game. It may just be better than being at the game.

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